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Maelstrom for VPS Avenger 2

  • Maelstrom
    for Avenger

    Pre-order price: € 38 EUR

  • Maelstrom for Avenger 2

    Let yourself be sucked into a spiraling maelstrom of colorful sounds, dive into the sonic possibilities of granular and spectral synthesis, Maelstrom for Avenger 2 will explore the new and established features of this hybrid synthesizer and deliver rich sounds, useful for ambient, cinematic and experimental music alike.

    The patches in Maelstrom often make use of the new spectral oscillator introduced in Avenger 2, many sound use granular synthesis with crossfading key zones, wavetabled vocal and instrumental tones are layered with samples and audio-morphed textures resulting in a wealth of pads, drones, soundscapes, hybrid synths, temposynced sequences and playable instruments. Some patches utilize the cross-FM feature available in Avenger and the new Quantum FX module and other new effects are featured prominently.

    Sampled instruments:

    • Shakuhachi flute, dry and processed.
    • Tubular bells.
    • Various saxophones.
    • Various field recordings.

    As the production of this library evolves, more details will be posted here.




    • 110+ tagged patches.
    • Approximately 2+ GB (before lossless compression in Avenger) of original content (samples, granular sources, wavetables, shapes).
    • Dozens of granular/spectral sources, some samples are embedded in the patches themselves, some multi-samples are also included.
    • All patches have the modulation wheel, up to nine Macros and often the Macro buttons assigned.
    • Comes in the native avenger format, easy import/installation.
    • Delivery: download.
    • ETA: mid June 2024.
    • Pre-order price: € 38 EUR.
    • Price on release: € 49 EUR

    Please note: In order to play the presets from this sound library you need to have Avenger version 2.1 or higher installed on your system.

    Please allow me a few hours to manually process your pre-order and send you the confirmation e-mail.

  • All demos were produced entirely with Avenger using only patches from Maelstrom, no post-processing was applied apart from a limiter on the outputs and some volume automation, if several instances of Avenger were used in a track.

    100+ fresh Avenger patches!


    Pre-order price: € 38 EUR.

  • Here are some videos featuring sounds from Maelstrom:

  • Avenger 2, evolution is happening.

    - the author.


    If you would like to make a comment about this sound library, here are some release threads:

    KVR Soundware Forum
    KVR patchpool Forum
    VI Control

  • BUY Maelstrom for Avenger

    Pre-order price: € 38 EUR.

    Please allow me a few hours to manually process your pre-order and send you the confirmation e-mail.

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