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Carmen for BYOME

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    for BYOME

    Price: € 30 EUR

    Carmen - patchpool
  • Carmen for BYOME

    Carmen is an ambiguous Latin word meaning chant, magical formular, incantation, poem. Following these terms, Carmen for Unfiltered Audio BYOME is a unique collection of patches comprising ambient soundscape-makers which will transform the incoming audio into fascinating and wondrous musical and sometimes alien textures. You will also find rhythmical gates, glitch-makers and filter-scapes, granular mayhem and complex delay lines, experimental craziness, deep spaces, stereo madness, complex drum processors and other effect combinations words fail to describe.

    All 102 presets are programmed 100% wet for inserting the plug-in on a bus, up to 8 Macros are assigned per patch for quick and easy interaction with the presets.

    While programming the presets for Carmen, numerous acoustic instruments, percussion, drums but also synthetic sounds were used as audio input in order to create patches which are useful in a musical context but also for sound design and post production.

    You can view/download the PDF for this set including the licence agreement, technical info and a patchlist here.


    • 102 patches, up to 8 Macros assigned per patch.
    • Programmed 100% wet for bus insert.
    • Delivery: e-mail attachment.
    • Price: € 30 EUR.

    Price: € 30 EUR

    Please allow me a few hours to manually process your order and send you the confirmation e-mail.

    Carmen - Patchpool

  • All demos were produced using only effects provided by the patches from Carmen.

    Just released!

    102 presets for BYOME


    Price: € 30 EUR

  • Here are some videos demonstrating patches from Carmen

  • I am absolutely blown away by the quality of this pack. Carmen is truly top-notch and downright beautiful! I can't stop playing with it.. Thank you for sharing your amazing work with me!

    - BYOME enthusiast from the US.


    AWESOME Simon! These will be such great departure points for such an endless soundscape BYOME has to offer. There will be so much production value in your release alone just for speed of workflow under a ticking clock. Everything I have heard from you so far is instantly inspirational, and I am sure with some basic knowledge of BYOME one will be able to adjust and fine tune to one specific needs. The key being for me, when I demoed BYOME it was evident that this was an instant inspiration machine when you have painted yourself into a corner. So your hard work in wrapping your head around the whole thing and creating all these inspiring gates of departure are a true goldmine and a no-brainer investment for me. Sooo exited for the final release.

    - a guy named Peter on Gearslutz after receiving the pre-released Carmen patches.


    ...thank you for this great preset expansion. There are some ambient patches in there where you can get completely lost. I think i'm still listening to some of these endless reverb tails from the noodling session yesterday evening...fantastic

    - BYOME-ist from Germany on KVR.


    BYOME brings something new to the sonic table.

    - The author.


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    Ambient Online

    Carmen - patchpool
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    for BYOME

    Price: € 30 EUR

    Please allow me a few hours to manually process your order and send you the confirmation e-mail.


    Carmen - Patchpool
Carmen - Patchpool

Enchant your music!


Price: € 30 EUR