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Soundscapes and Drones

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SoundPack The other side

26 wav files - 1.44 GB - 48 Khz/24 Bit - 1:23:14 playing time - Price: 39.95 €

A unique compilation of fascinating Soundscapes (royalty-free) for post production, ambient music and sounddesign. Galactic pads, cinematic and eerie drones, ethereal and otherworldly textures - it's all in there.



SoundPack From Light to Darkness

71 wav files - 1.12 GB - 48 Khz/24 Bit - +65 minutes playing time - Price: 34.95 €

A big collection of electronic samples compiled in four thematic folders comprising a wide spectrum from ethereal and beautiful textures to more ominous and electronic sounds to dark and haunting soundscapes. Selected wavs from various of my samplesets with some files exclusively produced for this SoundPack.


Here are the four thematic demo widgets with the watermarked wavs:

SoundPack Unknown Dimensions

22 wav files - 868.6 MB unzipped - 48 Khz/24 Bit - Price: 34.95 €

22 outstanding Soundscapes for Film productions, Ambient Music and Game Design. Reaching from galactic and mysterious atmospheres to more bizarre and ominous textures.

SoundPack Cinematic Soundscapes

15 wav files - 379 MB unzipped - 48 Khz/24 Bit - Price: 24.95 €

15 cinematic Soundscapes for Film and Video Producers who seek for special sounds beyond the usual mainstream. These Soundscapes can also be used for ambient music and Game Design.

SoundPack Droneland

33 wav files - 1.08 GB - 48 Khz/24 Bit - 1:02:32 playing time - Price: 29.95 €

33 exceptional Drones for Post Production and Sound Design. From beautiful New Age textures to huge Synth Drones to monstrous and dark bass sounds this collection is Drone Heaven!

Single wavs:

Harmonic Mist

1 wav - 50.5 MB - Duration: 2:55 - 48 Khz/24 Bit - Price: 6.50 €

Wondrous Soundscape made by processing a field recording I gathered in a temple in Seoul some years ago, recording singing monks.

Mysterious Beauty

1 wav - 24.6 MB - Duration: 1:25 - 48 Khz/24 Bit - Price: 5.50 €

Mysterious musical texture with distant bell-like sounds playing a repetitive melodic sequence which is processed into a big, rumbly and lush cloud of sound. A slow filter sweep up and down until the sound fades away into the distance. Great mystery music for Fantasy and Sci-Fi movies and Game Design.

Mysterious Chime Cloud

1 wav - 30.5 MB - Duration: 1:45 - 48 Khz/24 Bit - Price: 5 €

A mysterious cloud of electronically processed Windchimes tinkling in a warped space, modulating in pitch and time. Outstanding cinematic Soundscape for Sci-Fi and Horror movies, Thrillers and Game Design. Out of this world, unreal, spooky and spacious.

Surreal Chime Rain

1 wav - 23 MB - Duration: 1:19 - 48 Khz/24 Bit - Price: 4 €

Surreal Windchime sounds forwards and backwards modulated in a warped space. Swelling and decaying tinkling clouds of metallic chime sounds. Great Soundscape for Sci-Fi and Horror movies.

Rising Sparkles and Drone

1 wav - 43.3 MB - Duration: 2:30 - 48 Khz/24 Bit - Price: 6.50 €

Mysteriously shimmering Soundscape out of this world, close your eyes and fly away. Constantly rising electronic sparkles over a big warm drone. Slowly modulating howling glissandi and evolving chords. Great cinematic texture for Animations, Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies and Science clips.

Land of the Elves

1 wav - 51.4 MB - Duration: 3:07 - 48 Khz/24 Bit - Price: 6 €

Mysterious musical Soundscape - this track takes the listener into the land of the elves and gnomes, beautiful female vocal choir embedded in distant thunder rumbling and magical bird sounds, electronic flares emerge from the dark - a stunning fantasy track!

Land of the Elves Approaching Disaster

1 wav - 35.4 MB - Duration: 2:03 - 48 Khz/24 Bit - Price: 5 €

Mysterious and scary musical Soundscape - a part from the file above in a more scary setting with deep repeating waves of Sub-bass rumbling and strange cries. Hypnotic and frightening.

Bundle offer:

Buy all sound files on this page for 115 €

Samples Bundle - Patchpool

Buy all currently available 24 Sound Packs
2 Loop Packs and 11 single wavs
for € 520 EUR (30+ % discount)

Samples Bundle - Patchpool

Bundle offer:

Buy all currently available 24 Sound Packs
2 Loop Packs and 11 single wavs

for € 520 EUR (30+ % discount)

samples bundle - Patchpool
Run for the u-he bundle - Patchpool